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Our Products

We use advance technologies to manufacture the range of products Mini Rasper, Automatic Mini Rasper, Tyre Retreading Machine, Inspection Spreader, Mobile Tyre Lift, Repair Spreader etc. We make sure that our range is environment friendly and durable. Retored Tyre are great value for money and are safe as compared to the new one. Keeping that in mind, we produce such machines which help the Tyre to increase their life. Molding process done in the heating press to shape and trend them.

Wide range of our products are mentioned below:

  • Buffer
  • Builder
  • Curing Chamber 1120, 1410, 1420
  • Curing Rims
  • Tyre Curing Chamber
  • Electric Cold Curing Chamber
  • Envelop Flanges
  • Inspection Spreader
  • Tyre Spreader
  • Rasper
  • Mobile Tyre Lift
  • Mini Rasper, Automatic Mini Rasper
  • Repair Spreader
  • Retreading Machinery
  • Skiving Motor
  • Tyre Retreading Machine
  • Tyre Repair Machine
  • Warming Tray


We have a manufacturing unit in Haryana, all the machines have different departments. We use a separate mold for each shape and size, we have wide range of various products. Tyre Buffer, Curing Rims, Tyre Spreader, Automatic Mini Rasper and many more products are manufactured in our company. We make sure that all the products are Eco-friendly.

Quality Assurance

We commit best quality of our products and all the activities are done with the supervision of expertise. Final production is based on the testing and are finalized before dispatching of the product to the specific client. We have received the success as in the terms of the quality. Our products give a new life to the old tyre, which an be re use as a new tyre.